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K2 Propaganda k2 summit

Sometimes after reading blogs on the internet you cant help but laugh at how people think they know stuff about k2/spice when they dont know anything at all.  This women who had lost a son in a car accident is trying to make all this stuff illegal.  however, does she not realize how stupid her blog sounds I was just skimming through her blog and she has so many lies about k2 in there first off she says that it came from china when in fact it did not come from china well in sure some of it gets made in china but pretty much all of it is made in the U.S you can make it at home.  So why blame China just because she is trying to sound smart and trying to sound like she knows what she is talking about when she does not know anything.  The second thing this women said that really got to me was that the chemical that is in k2 is cut with acetone.  Once again this women has not did her research or does not have knowledge about this and she just heard that the chemical is mixed with acetone which is what she heard so she takes that and she says it is cut with acetone making it sound dangerous on top of that.  The acetone that is sprayed on top of these leaves dry out and it just leaves the chemicals in the leaves the acetone evaporates If you test any type of k2 for acetone there will be no acetone in any of it.  You do not even have to use acetone you can use water to do this but she just wants to mention acetone cause it sounds dangerous.  Now this is a women who is trying to make all these chemicals illegal because her son died after crashing his car while he was intoxicated on this stuff.  Now he did not overdose from it if he did that would be a different story and there is going to be people who will overdose from this I do not believe any have yet but people overdose from coffee and tylenol of course there is going to be someone that will die from this stuff now please visit this womens blog at and while you read her blog propaganda get yourself some k2 to smoke while you read what this women has to say about why you are going to die smoking what you are smoking.

Where is k2 legal

On January 1, 2011 the illegal cannibinoid known as JWH 018 became illegal in many states what law makers did not know is all you got to do is switch around a few molecules and you have a completely new synthetic compound now there is a lot of misunderstanding on why it was made illegal in a state and they are still allowed to sell it this is because of the fact that the chemicals got switched around and there you have a completely different chemical that they will have to illegalize. Basically they made a synthetic version of JWH-018 so with a synthetic version of a synthetic version of cannabis made you would think there is no way that they can illegalize all synthetic cannabinoids? However lawmakers have made all synthetic cannabinoids illegal this is extreamly unconstitutional so k2 that contains any synthetic cannibinoid is illegal in these states Arkansas (AK), Colorado (CO), Idaho (ID), Kansas (KS), Louisiana (LA), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Mississippi (MS), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NB), North Carolina (NC), North Dakota (ND), Oklahoma (OK), Oregon (OR), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA) and West Virginia (WV). It is not fair that they do this the chances are that you live in one of these states and if you don’t live in one of these states your state will be on the list soon however there is a solution to the problem and that is using a organic version of synthetic cannibinoids to where its not even a synthetic cannibinoid any more its a completely different chemical its not even a chemicallegally high, the new legal version of k2 is what you would want if this stuff is illegal in your state than have fun smoking legally high.

What K2/fake pot Really Is Why People Freak Out

Spice or K2 is known as new dangerous drugs but it it like the new generation of marijuana?  Many people dont know that the only difference between drugs like k2 a legal version of marijuana that has more longer lasting effects.  The problem with this legal drug is that people do not realize when you are smoking this substance you keep getting more and more intoxicating to where you will freak out and do things dangerous that you wont normally do.  K2 and Spice is 100% safe as for short term effects the long term effects are not yet known if there is any kind of long term effects if one hit of K2 intoxicates you greatly it would be a smart idea not to take another hit cause people that try to get the LSD effect smoking Herbal incenses this is immature because the inventor of this chemical wanted it for medical use for an alternative version of THC so that  people will have the same benefits and K2 does have benefits just like marijuana if you use it correctly.  K2 has a chemical in it called JWH this chemical is a synthetic version of THC stuff thats synthetic is normally safer but THC is really safe so if you make a synthetic version of THC of course its going to be a little bit worse for you cause it cant be safer than marijuana it is wrong that the government keeps trying to make these drugs illegal.  I have heard a few stories of people killing themselves being under the influence of K2 but I have never heard of some one that has died from a drug overdose from this drug the reason why so many people make a big deal about it is because of the fact that it is to good to be true I mean really what kind of person is ever going to think that there someday will be legal drugs that are better than the illegal drugs.  Another drug is stuff known as bath salts which is a legal version of cocaine and I myself have had bad experiences with this drug and I have reason to believe that this drug is deadly although I have not got into much research about it however,  with all these legal drugs we are seeing it appears that we are going through a new drug era K2 or spice reminds me of what weed was years ago when the movie refer madness came out this movie was propaganda against marijuana and it convinced america that marijuana was a dangerous drug that has killed many people.  K2 is the same way people say it kills people but soon people are going to realize how safe this drug is.  Just remember all drugs were legal at one point if you want to try k2 because you want to see what it is all about and how it makes you feel you can buy the new version that is 100% natural and safe taken in low doses.  Synthetic marijuana is becoming illegal all over the country you can get the newest legal version of pot called legally high Please comment I will love to hear everyone’s and if anyone has an article about someone overdosing fromK2please put a link to an article in the comment section.

Mother Claims Legal Drugs Killed Her Son

In the Chicago land there is a story of a teenager who died crashing his car because he was intoxicated on K2 and the mother is trying to get all spice/k2 out of headshop’s and it became illegal in a few illinois cities because this womens son died.  Stuff like this happens all the time and people seem to try to blame the places that sells these drugs no one should ever have to go through what she went through but, when your son is very intoxicated on anything he should not drive he would of died if he was intoxicated on alcohol Why should people that sell legal drugs be blamed for her son not being responsible what many people dont understand is that these products keep getting more and more popular the more people attempt to do stuff like this because of situations like this companies such as legally high make there legal weed safer Join the fight to keep the legal drugs legal Get yourk2here