Mother Claims Legal Drugs Killed Her Son

In the Chicago land there is a story of a teenager who died crashing his car because he was intoxicated on K2 and the mother is trying to get all spice/k2 out of headshop’s and it became illegal in a few illinois cities because this womens son died.  Stuff like this happens all the time and people seem to try to blame the places that sells these drugs no one should ever have to go through what she went through but, when your son is very intoxicated on anything he should not drive he would of died if he was intoxicated on alcohol Why should people that sell legal drugs be blamed for her son not being responsible what many people dont understand is that these products keep getting more and more popular the more people attempt to do stuff like this because of situations like this companies such as legally high make there legal weed safer Join the fight to keep the legal drugs legal Get yourk2here

2 thoughts on “Mother Claims Legal Drugs Killed Her Son

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    My boyfriend and I of a year are slowly drifting apart. We have a two month old daughter.

    This is slightly long but I really need the help so please try to take a few minutes out of your day to help me,thanks.

    Anyway,recently,he’s done sneaky things. Everybody tells me that he’s up to something,trying to take away my rights as a parent and so on. I am torn because I know he wouldn’t do that,and there’s no way he’d get custody even if he did try. That’s beside the point though.

    He has been a drug addict for a long time. They say that “you make your bed,you lay in it” and I have heard that plenty. However,when I got with him i gave him the ultimatum to quit or lose me. He said he’d quit. Well,he lied to me that whole year and I was foolish to believe him. That’s my fault,however..after we had our daughter,he came clean and told me he lied and was still doing drugs. He said he would go to a clinic if he got medical benefits because that’s the only way he could afford it.

    Well,he did. He claimed that he was living with us and all that. He moved in so it wasn’t a big deal. Now he has had my mail go to his mom’s house along with the daughter’s mail.

    His mom is very trifling. You’d have to really know this woman to know how fake she is. She has tried to annoy me and plot ways against me ever since i had my daughter.She knows her son is an addict and she feels threatened that i could get custody of my daughter.

    I don’t know what they are up to,but I need to know where i stand and how all this works.

    My byofriend is only allowed to drink water due to health reasons,and his system is cleaned out within a day of taking drugs. He always got away with it when he got a job and had to have a pee test done. He told me to just take him off of his medical benefits and he’d just become a druggie again,as if he was threatening to leave me and get visittion rights and still be a druggie,but i couldnt do anything about it.

    His mother’s house is filthy She lets her dogs pee/poop on the floor and lay on the table while they eat.The dogs bite. I’m afraid what could happen if he does try to get rights.

    Any legal advice/help? Thank you..

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      This is interesting. My advise will be to look out for your daughter he is going to get visitation rights unless you can prove to the court that he is unfit to have visitation rights. I will have to ask what kind of drugs does he do because if he does addictive drugs such as meth,heroin, crack, opium, mephadrone, cocaine those are the addictive dangerous drugs that will destroy his life however, drugs like ecstacy, marijuana, shrooms, acid and maybe a few others fall into the “safe” drug category so if he does drugs like ecstacy, marijuana, shrooms, acid I would not worry about it.


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