What K2/fake pot Really Is Why People Freak Out

Spice or K2 is known as new dangerous drugs but it it like the new generation of marijuana?  Many people dont know that the only difference between drugs like k2 a legal version of marijuana that has more longer lasting effects.  The problem with this legal drug is that people do not realize when you are smoking this substance you keep getting more and more intoxicating to where you will freak out and do things dangerous that you wont normally do.  K2 and Spice is 100% safe as for short term effects the long term effects are not yet known if there is any kind of long term effects if one hit of K2 intoxicates you greatly it would be a smart idea not to take another hit cause people that try to get the LSD effect smoking Herbal incenses this is immature because the inventor of this chemical wanted it for medical use for an alternative version of THC so that  people will have the same benefits and K2 does have benefits just like marijuana if you use it correctly.  K2 has a chemical in it called JWH this chemical is a synthetic version of THC stuff thats synthetic is normally safer but THC is really safe so if you make a synthetic version of THC of course its going to be a little bit worse for you cause it cant be safer than marijuana it is wrong that the government keeps trying to make these drugs illegal.  I have heard a few stories of people killing themselves being under the influence of K2 but I have never heard of some one that has died from a drug overdose from this drug the reason why so many people make a big deal about it is because of the fact that it is to good to be true I mean really what kind of person is ever going to think that there someday will be legal drugs that are better than the illegal drugs.  Another drug is stuff known as bath salts which is a legal version of cocaine and I myself have had bad experiences with this drug and I have reason to believe that this drug is deadly although I have not got into much research about it however,  with all these legal drugs we are seeing it appears that we are going through a new drug era K2 or spice reminds me of what weed was years ago when the movie refer madness came out this movie was propaganda against marijuana and it convinced america that marijuana was a dangerous drug that has killed many people.  K2 is the same way people say it kills people but soon people are going to realize how safe this drug is.  Just remember all drugs were legal at one point if you want to try k2 because you want to see what it is all about and how it makes you feel you can buy the new version that is 100% natural and safe taken in low doses.  Synthetic marijuana is becoming illegal all over the country you can get the newest legal version of pot called legally high Please comment I will love to hear everyone’s and if anyone has an article about someone overdosing fromK2please put a link to an article in the comment section.

25 thoughts on “What K2/fake pot Really Is Why People Freak Out

  1. mitchmanx

    http://www.k2info.org { synthetic marijuana is bad news. | There has been a recent upturn in hospital visits involving synthetic marijuana. | synthetic marijuana is becoming a major problem in the US | k2 incense is really bad for you, people are getting sent to the hospital on a daily basis. | it would seem that the only way to stop synthetic marijuana would be to legalize and regulate the real thing. | k2 incense is dangerous| k2 incense and other synthetic marijuana products have some really nasty documented side effects|

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      This is half true I have seen your site k2info many times and its all false. Many people do not realize that synthetic drugs were invented so that drug addicts can use drugs responsibly this is not the case with synthetic cannabinoids but its not completely dangerous these drugs are safe in ways and not in other ways. People need to stop spreading lies about stuff like this many many many people lie about having to go to the hospital because of K2/spice.

  2. Fernando Houston

    K2 was an okay drug. It, along with any and all other drugs, is subpar compared with marijuana. And even worse problem than K2, hoerverpice is a synthetic form of marijuana, but it’s effects are not entirely the same. Many people who smoke it freakout, especially girls and niggers

  3. Thurgood Phill

    Contoversialdrugs, are you an idiot? K2 is TERRIBLE for you and ppl DO go to the hospital cuz of it, ppl DIE from it, i believe k2 is worse than alot of drugs, i would say k2 is worse for you than coke is but its knot worse than meth and heroin. k2 IS a hard drug, i was a k2 addict from june till about march and i smoked it everyday all day, ppl, k2 messes with you in ways that are crazy.. it changes a persons appearence, it can make you look like you have retardation, it messes up your memory TERRIBLY, it can mess up your sleeping and eating habits, k2 is KNOT safe AT ALL. i highly recommend KNOT doing, i for one have been sober from k2 for about two months now and i will NEVER touch it again. if your gona smoke just smoke pot, its alot safer. even just one hit of k2 can kill you.. yes you catch a CRAZY buzz but in the long run.. it ruins your life.. it really does..

      1. Jodie

        i really think k2 is addicting. its not as easy to get addicted to as meth or heroin but it is addictive. i know people addicted to it and it did mess up their eating and sleeping habbits but not their appearance. i don’t think it does that. but i feel like it has messed with my memory. ive never heard of people dying from it. ive heard of people going to the hospital but thats only because they were tripping out and the people around them thought they needed to go to the hospital. if they just left them alone they wouldve been fine.

      2. Matt

        K2 isn’t safe at all. My friend just died from smoking that shit. His funeral was today. I’m not some closed-minded guy either. I smoke weed and think it’s perfectly fine. I’m not sure where you heard k2 was safe.. It fries your brain. If you want to die go ahead and smoke it, but unfortunately I know all too well how dangerous it is. Educate yourself. Smoke the real thing or don’t smoke at all. Please no hate I’m already down enough

  4. Skyy

    I have tried K2 once before with a lot of people and a few nights ago me and my boyfriend decided to try it again. I wasn’t that up for it because I didn’t like the price for a 10 minute high and I have been smoking marijuana since I was 12 and I am now 24(not every single day). Well we rolled it up like a joint and only smoked less than half of the joint because I was really high and so was my boyfriend. About 10 minutes after smoking it my boyfriend started doing this weird coughing and gagging thing and he looked scared! He then told me he was freaking out and felt like his knees were gonna pop out of his skin. I then started to try and calm him down. We went to lay down in our bed and he could barely speak. He said he was feeling better but then started to freak out again after like 3 minutes of feeling fine. I just kept trying to remind him it is mind over matter and that he was in a safe place and I was there for whatever he needed. He sat up to get a drink some water because he said is mouth was so dry and then he just started gagging really hard and started throwing up. I was of course there with him the whole time and made sure to let him know he was okay and that he was just throwing up because the dinner we ate that night probably didn’t agree with his stomach and him working/welding out in the sun all day. He really scared me and because I was high too I had to control my thoughts and not freak out also. I instantly started TRYING to think like a normal sober person. The thing that scared me the most is that when he was throwing up he would gag for such a long time I was afraid he wouldn’t breath or something BUT I was there with him every step of the way. He was fine after about 45 minutes to an hour and then he got really sleepy and he was now talking fine. I kept him awake for another hour talking to him and making sure he was okay. He was totally normal and he said he felt totally normal after throwing up and he was no longer high. I made him drink a glass of water and laid him in bed on his back with his head propped up just in case he needed to throw up again and I put a cold rag on his forehead. I felt horrible of course because he is my boyfriend and I didn’t want him feeling the way he was. After he fell asleep I laid there the whole night wide awake and I was of course still a little high but I didn’t freak out but I just kept thinking to much. I know for sure we are never doing it again and I know now that the dosage must be really small because I took a total of like 4 small hits and he took 4 also. We’re okay now of course but I think we’re just gonna stick to Mary J…. 🙂

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      That is a good choice to stick to Mary J. K2 is not for everyone some people have bad experiences with it but everything you said sounds normal other than vomiting he probably took to much for his first time.

    2. Jodie

      ive thrown up on it before and had bad trips but never really freaked out. ive seen people freak out before though. it really sucks but you just have to remember that your gonna be okay. like you said mind over matter

  5. Jodie

    k2 is bad for you. its bad for your heart and lungs. of course its bad for you, it has chemicals in it not meant for human consumption. i know people that have coughed up blood from it. i still like it but im gonna deny that its not good for you

  6. Jordan

    Spice is one of, it not thee sketchiest drug out there. The shit is made by an underground organization that could give two fucks less about human safety. I once had a horrible trip off the shit where my heart rate was insanely rapid, i was having crazy hallucinations, and i honestly thought there was a good chance of me dying. This trip was very recent and still fresh on my mind, it was the scariest day of my life. I freaked out very bad, but thank god my best friend was with me and he helped me calm down a lot. Spice is 100% dangerous, there’s nothing safe about it. If there’s a way to stop this crisis, that way is legalizing marijuana so people can just freely smoke it w/out all the drug test worries. It is complete bullshit to make a safe plant illegal, yet these “herbs” filled with dangerous chemicals can be sold legally at will. Just remember one thing, spice is a designer drug which even heroin happens to be safer than.

  7. Johnny

    Thanks bro this made me feel alot better of using it like a year ago cuz i thought i would kill me young or somethin thanks

  8. lisette nunez

    I disagree !!!! This k2 is worse then weed no lie i smoked it today an my brother did too he was gon he lookd like he was on crack i ddnt know what too do he was on the floor kicking an just movin all wierd like if a demon or somethin had over came him .. this shit yu dnt play with … i honestly ddnt knw how to make him snap out of it .. im telling yu thats not ah high yu wanna fuck with . an witnessing all that is tramatising ! I caint smile and mean it fo nothing … as tripped out as he was he tripped me out with all that he was doing .. an after he slept it off .. he told me he ddnt remember who he was or what he was doing an cudnt keep his balence .. but he his heart was pummpin fast and hard … i was honestly scared fo his life ….

    1. zach

      I thought i was the devil… Something uncontrollable came over me one time on this shit… My thoughts were still with me but that was 100% it. I was uncontrollably saying i was the devil out of no where to my friend, i uncontrollable crawled accross my couch and was laying on my side with my leg bent almost to the back of my head and my toes all curled. The last thing i could kind of tell myself to say was “DUDE I AM NOT ME!” it felt like something right out of a paranormal activity movie.. i remember thinking i was doomed for life. Its a mind game, you have to have strong control over you mind to be fine with k2. It took everything to break out of this horrible 3 minute “possession”. I remember telling myself to just be me.. fighting it and finally snapped out of it. The last thing i said that i couldnt control was “ok im done… For now”. It scared the everliving shit out of my buddy. Sure enough, about 3 weeks later, after hitting it twice again, (i smoked it like 5 times in between these crazy incounters) it happened to me again. Right away, uncountrollably, i sat up straight and i could feel thos hard core frown on my face again like the first time it happened and tears just streamin from my eyes, i said “i told you i would be back”.. i havnt touched this shit sense and i dnt plan on it. Nothing i said is made up at all!

  9. Alex

    Fuk all you jokers who actually want to defend this shit, it is poison and the people who sell this product have don’t care that its gonna mess you up they only care about the money it’s making from the naive idiots that smoke it, just like I used to! You can’t trust the chemicals in this drug, you don’t even know what they are since they are getting changed all the time to skirt the law.
    If you want to smoke, smoke some cannabis, if you can’t don’t smoke anything.

  10. youraveragejoe

    im 19, ive been smoking K2 on and off for probation shit. When i was 16 i first started, its all about how the individual reacts to the drug. some people are alergic to amoxacilin a simple antibiotic. Most hospitalizations are from people freaking out because their so stoned off the k2 and end up running themselves to a hospital. I’ve read 1 article of someone dying from k2 and the person smoking it had been using a plastic pipe, mostly smoking plastic. Hmmm maybe smoking plastic is worse for you than smoking k2? Probably what killed the bitch. Anyways my body reacts to k2/spice completely fine, ive never had 1 bad experiance and I am healthy and an athletic person.

  11. zach

    This drug is alters the way you think and the way your brain works with the rest of your body. Iv smoked it forever and got a bag one night, took two hits and was virtually possessed by the devil. My eyes dialated and i was saying stuff that wasnt me talking.. i knew what i was doing but i couldnt control it. It felt like i was battaling an entity inside my mind.. it was the most scary thing thats ever happened to me.

  12. nicole stevenson

    Well the first thing I’ll say is drug addicts can not use things moderately . So this whole thing is a crock of crap ! I have used this in the past and battled to quit through out my pregnancy. this is not a simple thing to deal with I am clean now almost two years and was on it for about 2 years in this process I spent thousands of dollars along with many of my family members close to 100,000 in a two year period!!!!!! We were horrible had to pretty much hit bottom to get out .if u ask any one in my family they will tell you it is horrible this high is nothing like marijuana it will take your breath away you will literally after only one hit want your Sanity its a paranoid Not fun at all high but for some reason you will go back for the same high over and over again truly a living hell!!!

  13. Janice

    Ive been a k2 addict for about 8 months now. I wouldnt recommend anyone to try it it effects everyone differently. My husband smokes sometimes to he feels like it is addictive too. I smoked about 4 5gram bags all day everyday, it has taken over my life i dont go outside unless its to buy k2 and ever since i started smoking it heavy i stool water all the time. K2 has mentally messed my head up when i dont have it i get VERY depressed and angry untill i find a way to get . If i dont smoke i dont get hungry and wont eat and i spend every penny i have on k2. Some people may think k2 isnt a serious drug well it is for the fact its highly addicting. Dangers it gives me is: it messes with my speech i slur, over eat, i get dillussional and think everyones against me, dhydration,loss of sleep, heart races and loss of balance


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