Bad Spice Trip

There is a gas station by my house that sells herbal incense and it is the only place where you can get this stuff from.  However,  they did have a product called kush and its a common name but this packaging is fantastic.  I took one big hit and held it in for 15 seconds I was  tripping balls I felt like my conciseness was out side my head.  I was tripping very badly this stuff no one should do because it is so powerful.  I felt shocks going through my chest and legs along with the shoulders and it seemed like I zoomed in to an object using my eye sight for example I looked at an object far away and it was like i could very quickly zoom in to see it closer.  I never thought I would be tripping my mind out but it does happen.  I much rather have the kind ofk2 that will make you trip but you need to smoke more of it just not one hit.  Cause in my opinion I think it could be dangerous having stuff this powerful. However getting the strong classic K2 blend is the smartest thing to do if you want that pleasurable high.  This is where you can get your own k2.

5 thoughts on “Bad Spice Trip

  1. Nick

    Hey “Bad Spice Trip,”
    Try taking a smaller hit and not holding it in for 15 seconds! What’s the matter with you? It’s like saying you slammed a half glass of Jack, got hammered, and pissed yourself and now you think Jack should be illegal

      1. controversialdrugs Post author

        The gas station was the mobil on route 47 in Elburn Illinois. To my knowledge they no longer sell it there is a very few places you can get it in the state of Illinois where it is legal

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