New K2 Laws 2012

There is a new law that is going to take place in Illinois on Jan 1, 2012 the purpose of this law is to make possession of k2 or any chemical like k2 a felony punishable by 1-3 years in prison.  Now normally all you would have to do is switch a molecule in the chemical when it becomes illegal and than the new legal chemical is created.  This time the bill says it is a felony to posses this chemical or something that has a similar cell structure.  What does not make sense at all is that they just say similar what is the definition of similar?  The government is willing to ruin peoples lives by passing a law that contradicts itself in more than just one way.  How can they not be specific about this law and charge someone with a felony?  Maybe the government should try this “drug” because anyone who has tried it knows its not addictive no matter what people seem to say, this “drug” is not addictive at all whoever says that this drug is addictive is wrong I can see this drug being addictive if someone smokes it all day everyday for like 1 year straight than that might be addiction however, when you are not intoxicated on k2 anymore what happens?  Absolutely nothing you have no side effects its not like cigarettes where you cough your lungs out if you dont have a smoke now that is an example of addiction.  K2 is certainly not like Oxycontin which is a legal drug similar to heroin where if your not intoxicated on it you itch all over the place now that is another example of addiction.  On top of all of this how can it be that you can live in one state where k2 is completely legal and you go to visit another state like Illinois and you get caught with k2 in that state you are completely fucked you will have a felony on your record and you will be going to an Illinois prison for at least 1 year because you did not know that it was illegal.  This is like each state having its own currency all over again.  Even though this law is in effect im sure there is more than a few loop holes in this law to where a new chemical could be made that is legal.  I do hope this is the case just like last year it was suppose to be illegal but was not because a new chemical was made.  Get your k2 here.  The best deal they have is 9 grams for $79.95This is the best deal because 9 grams will last you a long time.

12 thoughts on “New K2 Laws 2012

  1. Joey Caruso

    While it may not be addictive it cetainly has many serious side affects. There have been many people that have suffered heart attacks, seizures,schizophrenia both temporary and permanent, and even some that have died. The effects are 3 to 28 times the strength of marijuana. One chemical that has been found in Spice called HU-210 is anywhere from 100 to 800 times as potent as THC. I’m all for marijuana being legal, but I am 110% against this synthetic stuff.

    1. r. c. fishman

      Hu chemicals are not contained in synthetic marijuana. They are contained in bath salts. The canaboids in synthetic pot are ch based chemicals. Your “facts” are not correct. Its people half assed reading articles and media hype that cause hysteria. Leading to the banning of otherwise harmless substances. There are no synthetics 800x more potent than Thc.

      1. controversialdrugs Post author

        I do not know what ch chemicals are but I know that the hu chemicals reduce brain swelling. Yes Synthetics do get up to 800x more potent than THC but that is to debatable What facts are not correct?

      2. xxgrime

        You sir are very wrong i sell this stuff for a living and even smoked it 1 year before selling it. Not only is it addictive but it is far more stronger then thc. 800x sounds about right. Try smoking a full bowl of it and you will end up calling 911 not because your dieing but because its stronger then and other drug you have ever used. No one has died from it the media makes these storys up so you will watch more. I will say this. IT IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE WEED.(when it first came out it was like weed but not anymore) If you try and smoke it like weed well lets just say you will ether be sitting in jail or in a mental institute but it will not kill you.

      3. xxgrime

        One more thing i left out. Back in 2011 HU was indeed in synthetic marijuana read the label for the brand of K2 called Mr Sticky. Now in 2012 they use a different strain of HU. In 2012 the brands no longer just use 1 type ether now they started mixing HU CM and UM(UM is rare and the only brand i know that uses it is grim reefer) UM was added to CM because it has been tested to be more addictive in mice not because its more potent. Enjoy your facts and if your dont believe me thats fine i wont lose any money when you are sleeping in a gutter somewhere.

      4. controversialdrugs Post author

        Thanks for the information. Yes I do not doubt that more addictive chemicals are being used to increase sales however, I do still believe that “k2” is just mostly addicting to only the people that get addicted to being intoxicated.

      5. LeLee

        I completely agree…these ppl sayin they are getting pyscotic effects ffrom the synthetic weed is OUTRAGIOUS and totally FALSE….It doesnt make one violent or insane…these ppl must already have some sort of mental issues and putting anything foreign in your body can cause a reaction, but THC {and alike canabinoids} have a basic 3 symptoms… hungry happy sleepy…. just dont smoke too much and stop getting all paranoid on the stuff-lol-

      6. controversialdrugs Post author

        It also has to depend on how much of the chemicals the producers put into some of them put tons and tons of chemicals that intoxicate you and them doing this can get dangerous because people think that they can smoke it like they can smoke weed smoke a bowl of weed you feel good smoke a bowl of strong incense and you are completely fucked. All the stories you hear about people going to the E.R from it is because they are freaking out because one they smoked to much and they freak out even more because of the fact that they do not know what they smoked and they do not know how something legal can do this to them

      7. angelo

        Notice how they ever only talk about the one kid who died. Thats all they say when they mention k2 but look at dope. People overdose every day. Seems like there crackin down more on k2 then any other drug. Its illigal cuz the government hasnt figured out how to tax it.

    2. controversialdrugs Post author

      You do got to realize Joey is there is a lot of lies and rumors that get spread around and there has not been a single death directly related to smoking spice. If you ever watch the movie refer madness its a movie from the 30s or 40s against marijuana I see the same thing happening today with spice people hear fake news stories and assume it is dangerous this is how marijuana became illegal. I would think that the marijuana users would be able to see through the bullshit but most of them don’t and they fall for it

  2. steven

    Smoked k2 and 100xpure legal
    Was rushed to the hospital was throwing up blood
    having seizures and almost died. a week later after my accident
    demi moore was rushed to hospital as well. Look up 911 call
    pretty much everything said. About her symptoms and what was happening to
    her happend to me the week before. Spice is killing 4 people a day across the us.
    if you smoke it. You should stop stick to weed no need to risk your life.


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