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Tobacco shop raid in Chicago

What is hard for me to understand is why are these owners of a headshop in the chicago land are charged with class x felonies the same type of felony that a murder gets for having incense and bathsalts for those that are not familiar with bath salts its  legal cocaine.  Whats funny is last year you could get bath salts and k2 blends legally but this year you cant so a narcotics team raided the place even though they did not even have these products on display.  In my opinion it is really messed up for having this stuff legal one day and than the next charging a headshop owner with the same penalty as murder it was legal one moment and law enforcement is ok with it the next your being arrested for murder this just blows my mind states should not have the right at all to make drugs or anything else a felony if it is completely legal in another state.  Law enforcement will bother you and probably arrest you no matter if the type of k2 you have is legal or not.   They want you to go through all the trouble of going through the court so even if you do have legal k2 try to hide it from law enforcement because even though you will win in the court of law cops do not care.  I smell lawsuit against the state all over the place.  Here you will find K2 that is legal in all 50 states and it contains no synthetic chemicals it is all organic and these chemicals are difficult   to produce or even to buy.  Notice how the packaging for K2 has changed over the years it has also got a lot better. Thisis where you will find the best products for the best price.