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K2 Laws My Experience

Many people do not know the laws about K2/spice.  Believe it or not, not even the law makers really know the laws that they write.  I will like to share a experience that I had about a year ago that got me arrested for having herbal incense even though I was able to bail out for only $150 6 hours later.  I was still pissed about what just happened the police officers decided to arrest me even though it was my friend driving that had the k2/spice on him all because I was on probation so about 8 months later I spent 2.5 months in the county jail for violating probation for being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a intoxicating compound and this was a false arrest because k2/spice is not a intoxicating compound.  The definition of a intoxicating compound is inhaling household chemicals such as glade acetone etc.  The cop decided to charge me with it because it sounded like he could I mean after all it sounds right it sounds like possession of a intoxicating compound means anything that you take that intoxicates you is illegal.  This is not the case and on top of that they can’t charge me with possession of drug paraphernalia because in order to be charged with that there either has to be either cannabis in the pipe or there has to be a controlled substance k2/spice is neither of those.  After all this I wanted to file a law suit against the county for false arrest.  However, I was unable to do so because of the fact the officer that arrested me ended up dead in a car accident.  So all the charges were dropped and I did not have to go to trial or nothing because I have a right to face my accuser so there is no way I can face my accuser since he is now dead.  Even after they decided to drop the charges they still made me sign the piece of paper saying that I have my probation extended for 6 more months for absolutely no reason at all.  I am unable to file a lawsuit because the police officer is dead so what is the point of the story you may ask?  K2 is 100% legal in all states just depends what kind of k2/spice it is.  The law would do what it takes to try to charge you with something so here are some pointers on how to avoid being arrested first off never say you consume it if a officer asks you what it is you can simply say I do not know or you can say that it is a special incense that you burn to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke.  Now saying this will cover you up pretty well if you do not smoke marijuana because if you say this and you have marijuana in your system congratulations you would be getting charged with a DUI.  So you can say it is whatever as long as you do not mention anything about consuming it.  If you are on probation you better make sure you do not tell the law that you consume incense because many states have laws making it a felony to alter a drug test and if the law proves that you use k2/spice to alter a drug test you will have a felony so as long as you do not say anything about consuming this product the officer can do nothing about it.  So be careful the law will try to find ways to get you for this.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment here or on facebook.

Why K2 And All Other Drugs Should Be Legal.

Many people seem not to understand why drugs should be legal I believe that is should not even be a debate.  Why should anyone have the right to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.  If someone wants to do harm to their own body rather its from dangerous drugs or suicide.  What should be illegal is if someone does any kind of harm to anyone else.  There is so many people locked up in the U.S for drugs this all costs lots and lots of money.  What the federal government wants to do is to keep k2 legal and see how people react with a drug like this being legal they probably know that k2 is not that dangerous so they want to see what will happen with “K2” and see how people will act that use this kind of “drug”.  On top of that they have a legal version of pretty much every drug with all these legal drugs floating around the U.S and the U.K you will think that these people go insane and that these countries are going to have a increase in violence but I doubt there was any kind of increase in violence from these legal drugs yes I have heard stories of people  doing stupid stuff while they were under the influence of some synthetic Legal cocaine and even killing themselves.  People that do stuff like that should not have any business doing any kind of drugs.  Anyone could take a look around and see that everything is fine and people are not going crazy cause drugs are legal and if anything I bet it is more peaceful.  This is a K2 incense blend that is top notch quality and legal in all 50 states.