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Is “k2” Addictive

Many people seem to think that the chemical/drug known as k2 is really addictive this is not true at all.  The only cases where people become addicted to something like this is if they just become addicted on becoming intoxicated.   Unlike drugs such as heroin where people suffer from huge withdrawal affects such as having flu like symptoms.  This is because of the addicting chemicals that are in heroin.  Most people that consume “k2” on a regular basis will tell you that when they come down from it nothing happens it is almost like you are intoxicated one moment and then the next moment nothing no side effects at all marijuana has more side effects than “k2”  However, the marijuana side effects are not bad at all when you are no longer medicated on marijuana you still feel really lazy and dazed this is why marijuana is more addicting than “k2” however, anyone can become addicted to anything if the like getting intoxicated the people that are addicted to just getting “high” will do anything and get intoxicated anyway possible when they do not have “k2”. Heroin addicts on the other hand need heroin in order to function unlike “k2” there has been some reports of people suffering really bad withdrawal effects from not using for a few weeks.  Based on the information we have now “k2” is pretty safe and not that addictive at all.

Drug Prevention

Does it really help to put ads on T.V that say do not do drugs?  I mean after all the people that do drugs are going to do drug whether or not they are told not to.  Why can’t this society tell teach people that are addicted to drugs what will be a safe amount to take without overdosing.  Sounds crazy but people that are addicted to these heavy kind of drugs are not going to stop because people tell them they could die.  I am sure what drug addicts really want to hear is what a responsible amount to take is.  Even going to rehab does not cut it because rehab clinics success rates are only around 15% for the best rehab clinics.  If we want to save lives and not have people die from drugs people in general should be more educated on what is the right amount of drugs to take if you were to take this drug.  Instead people get do not do drugs or you will die thrown in their face.  Drug addicts will be drug addicts that is why it will be best to teach them how to use drugs in a responsible way.

13 Year Old Kid Died From Smoking Plastic.

I always love reading articles about how dangerous “K2” can be. I can tell by reading must of these articles that it is way to over exaggerated. For example this mom of a 13 year old boy who is in eighth grade blames “legal marijuana” for her sons death. Because after smoking it her son needed a double lung transplant and he ended up dieing in the hospital. Now the story went on like this for a while all anyone ever said was that this 13 year old boy needs a double lung transplant from smoking k2. However, It was not that fact that this kid was smoking k2. This kid was smoking it out of a PEZ candy dispenser for a long period of time. People often try to make “herbal incense” sound a lot more dangerous than what they really were. Well lets think here. What would be the best way to of saved this kid from dieing? If his mother would of educated him about “k2” maybe he would of never of tried smoking it but most likely a 13 year old kid would say I do not care it gets me intoxicated so he probably would have not of listened to what his mom says. What if his mom tells him it is extremely dangerous to inhale plastic fumes or his mom could of just told him if he is going to smoke anything make sure it is out of a pipe or rolled in a joint. This 13 year old kid should of known that it was not healthy for him. Maybe if he was not so stupid and paid attention in school it would of never of happened. “k2” is certainly not the drug to blame for this.