13 Year Old Kid Died From Smoking Plastic.

I always love reading articles about how dangerous “K2” can be. I can tell by reading must of these articles that it is way to over exaggerated. For example this mom of a 13 year old boy who is in eighth grade blames “legal marijuana” for her sons death. Because after smoking it her son needed a double lung transplant and he ended up dieing in the hospital. Now the story went on like this for a while all anyone ever said was that this 13 year old boy needs a double lung transplant from smoking k2. However, It was not that fact that this kid was smoking k2. This kid was smoking it out of a PEZ candy dispenser for a long period of time. People often try to make “herbal incense” sound a lot more dangerous than what they really were. Well lets think here. What would be the best way to of saved this kid from dieing? If his mother would of educated him about “k2” maybe he would of never of tried smoking it but most likely a 13 year old kid would say I do not care it gets me intoxicated so he probably would have not of listened to what his mom says. What if his mom tells him it is extremely dangerous to inhale plastic fumes or his mom could of just told him if he is going to smoke anything make sure it is out of a pipe or rolled in a joint. This 13 year old kid should of known that it was not healthy for him. Maybe if he was not so stupid and paid attention in school it would of never of happened. “k2” is certainly not the drug to blame for this.

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