Drug Prevention

Does it really help to put ads on T.V that say do not do drugs?  I mean after all the people that do drugs are going to do drug whether or not they are told not to.  Why can’t this society tell teach people that are addicted to drugs what will be a safe amount to take without overdosing.  Sounds crazy but people that are addicted to these heavy kind of drugs are not going to stop because people tell them they could die.  I am sure what drug addicts really want to hear is what a responsible amount to take is.  Even going to rehab does not cut it because rehab clinics success rates are only around 15% for the best rehab clinics.  If we want to save lives and not have people die from drugs people in general should be more educated on what is the right amount of drugs to take if you were to take this drug.  Instead people get do not do drugs or you will die thrown in their face.  Drug addicts will be drug addicts that is why it will be best to teach them how to use drugs in a responsible way.

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