Is “k2” Addictive

Many people seem to think that the chemical/drug known as k2 is really addictive this is not true at all.  The only cases where people become addicted to something like this is if they just become addicted on becoming intoxicated.   Unlike drugs such as heroin where people suffer from huge withdrawal affects such as having flu like symptoms.  This is because of the addicting chemicals that are in heroin.  Most people that consume “k2” on a regular basis will tell you that when they come down from it nothing happens it is almost like you are intoxicated one moment and then the next moment nothing no side effects at all marijuana has more side effects than “k2”  However, the marijuana side effects are not bad at all when you are no longer medicated on marijuana you still feel really lazy and dazed this is why marijuana is more addicting than “k2” however, anyone can become addicted to anything if the like getting intoxicated the people that are addicted to just getting “high” will do anything and get intoxicated anyway possible when they do not have “k2”. Heroin addicts on the other hand need heroin in order to function unlike “k2” there has been some reports of people suffering really bad withdrawal effects from not using for a few weeks.  Based on the information we have now “k2” is pretty safe and not that addictive at all.

1 thought on “Is “k2” Addictive

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