Top 5 Reasons Why K2/Spice Should Be Legal

5 – All drugs should be legal
No matter what drugs should not even be legal in the first place because of the fact that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies no one should be able to tell someone else what to do.

4- The more they make these chemicals illegal the more dangerous these chemicals are going to get because no state can make these chemicals 100% illegal no matter how bad they want to. Once these chemicals become illegal people are going to start making chemicals in their garage to try to by pass the laws. These chemicals are going to be more dangerous. Many states have made this illegal and you can still by this stuff in all of those states however, the chemicals are not as safe the original chemical JWH-018 was a pretty safe chemical after it was made illegal they made the chemical am-2201 which is a lot more potent.

3- K2 brings a great medical benefit if it is not misused by people. Many people and makers of “k2” seem to put a lot of chemicals in it to hope that it will increase their sales so people get really intoxicated from doing this stuff but in the right dose brings great medical benefits.

2- There has not been one directly related death from “k2” all the deaths that have been all around the news all has to do with stuff such as car accidents so this should be illegal because a teenager kills himself from driving intoxicated on this? That is not right at all people would not want alcohol illegal if a kid dies driving drunk.

1- It is not addictive- “k2” is not an addictive drug for the most. If you ever get intoxicated from “k2” you will notice that the intoxication goes away really fast with little or no short term side effects. The only way people get addicted to “k2” is when they are addicted to the fact of just being intoxicated on something.

31 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why K2/Spice Should Be Legal

  1. Luis

    Dude ur the biggest idiot ever. People are dying each day from this stupid spice. I’ve had friends take their first toke and end up in the hospital due to almost having a heart attack! Or friends who take their first toke and. I used to smoke this and it was the worst thing ever. It’s addicting and trying to quit was like kicking a cocain addiction out. Coming from experience with this I wish no kid or grown up try this.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      No one has ever died from spice before if you want to believe that fine and your friend did not have a heart attack. If he had any kind of attack it was a panic attack my guess is that he suffers from high anxiety. Yes it is addicting to some people that are addicted to getting high on anything its not spice that they are addicted to they are addicted to just being high. However there is one thing that is pretty dangerous about spice and that is no one knows how much is a proper dosage companies make the stuff way to strong to try to be known as having the best product there is. You could probably smoke spice for the rest of your life with no side effects if you know the right dosage. Many people do not know that this stuff is being used for medical reasons scientists have done studies on animals and it shows that synthetic cannabinoids have great health benefits. Its sad how someone like you types something about “k2” into google and you hear all these bullshit stories on the news and half of these stories are not even true and the other half of them are only half true. Its not that bad but pretty close to that. So you use to smoke spice and you think that it is all addicting because you hear about it on the news and you hear about all the people that “died” from it and you know how high spice gets you so you think to yourself it can not be safe and you start thinking that your addicted to it. It is almost like a subliminal message. Almost everyone tells me that they had a friend that had to go to the hospital because he had a heart attack. Your calling me the biggest idiot ever if your friend had a heart attack he would be dead and it would be all over the news. He had a panic attack from freaking out cause he was to high on the stuff and im sure he took more then just one toke. Read more of my blog posts and you will understand more of what I am saying.

    2. Amanda Thomas

      When I read this I said the same exact thing you did. This guy is a moron. I have never smoked the k-2 spice but I have family members who need it every day and they can’t stop. This crap is so much like crap it is ridiculous. Not only that my 18 year old brother is so paranoid he has been hospitalized 3 times in a year because of this. He was misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia because of this. The only reason I came to this site was because I was looking for some miracle drug to stop the effects of it. Right now he is convinced he should kill himself because he feels that no one wants him here. If you are smoking this crap stop and do some research. It is so dangerous is it killing people not only suicide but health wise too. This causes heart attacks. You sir are the biggest idiot. I should have expected this from someone like you. You will see in the long run. Medical reasons my ass. They are banning it for a reason. i hope you get help. You need to have someone in your life that cares obviously you don’t. Good luck and I hope you find the strength to walk away from this. If you feel this is not addicting then stop. Prove everyone else wrong. I think you are full of crap!!!

  2. Luis

    I see ur point man. At the same time I’ve done acid before. I think it’s rather odd that u could smoke spice and pretty much have the same visuals. I’m from a little bumfuck town in Texas. And in the past three months our town has had an increase on people getting addicted to this spice. People who were once pot heads don’t even buy weed anymore cause they can’t quit smoking spice. They say they try and try and try but they just can’t seem to stop smoking it. What do u suggest on this

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      Well I have tripped on spice a few times never did acid will never do something that would stay in my system for life. I have been with plenty of people that have tripped on acid and from what I understand the trips are completely different. Tripping on spice is more like a DMT trip when I tripped on spice one time I felt like I was completely out of my body and felt like I was looking at everything from above my head almost like I was close to the ceiling and everything seemed so long and so far away. From what many people have told me about acid is that it is more like everything is wavy and stuff looks different like one time my buddy was holding headphones and he thought he was caught in a spider web. As for people getting addicted to it and they say they can not stop smoking spice no matter how hard they try is probably because when they smoke weed they do not get high from marijuana anymore because marijuana effects the receptors in your brain and spice effects those receptors 200-800 times more than marijuana so this causes them not to get high so since they try smoking marijuana and it does not cut it for them anymore so they just continue to smoke spice. They could be mentally addicted to it as in the same way people are “addicted” to marijuana they really are not addicted to marijuana but they can not stop smoking it cause they like to be high and they also get crabby when they can not smoke weed but they do not have withdrawal symptoms. I live in a small town of in Illinois and really have not heard anybody becoming addicted to this stuff. Another thought is that I know there is a lot of drug abuse in Texas just like Arizona so if those people do heavier drugs they could just get addicted to anything they touch. Me personally have smoke many many pounds of spice probably between 10-15 pounds of spice and I am not addicted at all I go up to a month sometimes rarely but sometimes without smoking it. I probably go about 2 weeks without smoking it on a regular basis. However these people you are talking about could just be pheens but they can probably go a week without smoking it. Just remember being addicted to something means not being able to function without just like heroin addicts if they do not get there fix they get so sick to where they can not move or do anything at all. They are so addicted that even if you have a syringe filled with heroin in front of them they wont even move to get it because they can not function at all. Many people say they are addicted to spice because they do it all the time. I know a guy who smokes spice all the time and if he does not get it he gets really pissed off at everything and everyone for no reason once again though I have seen people acting the same way if they do not have marijuana. To me and this is just me because I know for a fact that it is not like this with many people at all I was more addicted to marijuana then I was from spice. When I smoke weed I always wanted it and with spice it is not like that at all with me. I love going a few weeks without smoking spice because to me I think it makes me smarter and more focused than I was before when I was not smoking spice.

  3. Luis

    Cool man well sorry straight jumping into callin u an idiot on this. Idk it’s just crazy because the people I see here they can not function if they don’t have their smoke. They won’t leave their homes if they don’t have smoke. And it kills me cause like I said from experience while I was smoking spice I woulnt leave home I wouldnt want to talk to my parents nothing. I felt like I just had to sit there and smoke more and more. Finally I got sick of this and wanted to quit so I tried couldn’t. Finally a week ago I broke down and confessed to my parents what was going on and I wanted to quit but couldn’t. Quit the first day it felt like the longest day ever. Constant cold sweats constant shakes like kicking crack out ur system(not that I’ve ever done crack). I no longer smoke now and don’t ever want to cause I feel I’ll start the cycle all over again. My point now since I’ve quit parents and Kids all say the same thing their kids won’t talk to them anymore. Grown ups are in constant argument cause of this smoke and not being able to function without it. Idk it’s just a totally different case here then from Illinois.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      Well it does not really matter if it is in illinois or Texas every place is the same I guess it just matters how many people you know that do it. Yes I know what you mean by staying in your house all day because high on this stuff you do not want to do shit. Yes this stuff does somewhat make you socially retarded if you want to use that term cause I am kinda the same way. As for your withdrawl symptoms my first guess will be that it is all in your head and that you think you are addicted to this. If you were addicted like having cold sweats and stuff I will not do this stuff ever again if I experienced that. I guess for some people, depending on your medical condition, its just addicting. How old are you? My guess is by the way your talking and using the word “grown ups” that you are under the age of 18. Just in my opinion nothing against you at all it seems like you do not know how to use drugs responsibly and using drugs responsibly is what it is all about. In Switzerland all drugs are legal and they teach people about responsible drug use and since they started doing that drugs have been on the down and down. If you are a heroin addicted and you live in Switzerland and you run out of heroin you can go to a clinic and they actually inject you with heroin so you will not get sick because it is considered a sickness. In Canada they have their own buildings that heroin addicts can go and get clean needles and a safe place where they can shoot up. This is using drugs in a responsible way it makes all the difference especially with spice.

  4. Luis

    Also like I was saying before about smoking all day and not communicating with anyone. Ok I lost lots of friends due to this in the sense that I just wanted to smoke all day. Well no that I’ve quit I see everyone else in my town it’s not just few it’s the majority of people don’t talk to each other here anymore. U can tell just by looking at there face there slow and they slur there words a lot and that’s that there not high at the moment. Everyone in this town just worries about there smoke. Idk man it’s really weird and hard to explain u probably think I’m an idiot lol.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      You are a high schooler I can tell that already. Which is not a bad thing but you sound just like me when I was in highschool because everyone would always hangout in the same spot all day just chilling and smoking weed all day and doing nothing but that. When everyone in the town would chill all everyone ever worried was how to smoke and where are we going to get smoke from. I do not consider that as a bad thing in high school all you do is party I did not give a fuck in high school all I wanted to do was get fucked up every day of the week and I did most of the time.

  5. Luis

    Funny thing is I’m two years out of and just finished my first year of college. But yes I see ur point. And yeah u hit right on the spot these kids have nothing better to do so that’s why they constantly want it. All the time.

  6. Luis

    I’m twenty and threw high school I did try things here there. Never got into other drugs didn’t like them. But I did like weed simply because u could get high and not worry about overdosing. But I quit smoking weed my sinior year because I knew I was about to face real life after that and couldn’t be a pot head. When I heard about spice I never wanted to try because it was mixed with chemicals. Pot we all know is natural. but like I said just with the experience I had tryin to quit i don’t ever want to do this agin.

  7. Luis

    Commercial music. ok now mother quick question. I’ve been to several places for spic. Some say it’s herbal with no chemicals and other with. Is there a difference.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      I am sure that they say it has no chemicals because the chemicals that they use in the spice can not be detected. Almost all spice has chemical in it. I am sure there is a way you can make it all natural.

  8. Luis

    Hm… Oh well lol.. I’ll just move to a legal state at some point and smoke real pot the right way….

  9. Jen

    This is going to be an everlasting debate. Make drugs legal? Really? I can not believe people would even consider this. I am surprised its even being discussed in the government.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      Yeah all drugs should be legal people should do what they want with their own bodies. No one should have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body. In Portugal all drugs are legal and people grow up not even touching drugs. On top of that throwing criminal in prison for a illness that they have called addiction is not right and costs way to much money.

  10. John

    hes right you have cigerettes and alcohol legal but u dont have the illegal drugs legal even tho alcohol and cigerettes are legal and they are considered drugs and those 2 products are the top 2 drugs that cause more deaths per year than any other illegal drug combined.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      I do agree with you but not that many people do illegal drugs a lot more people drink and smoke cigarettes so that will be why there is more deaths. The whole reason why I think all drugs should be legal is because no one has the right to tell someone else what to do with their own body. On top of that it will help the economy big time.

  11. Sara Collins

    I have smoked K2 before. It is not a good thing to use. I used to be able to smoke it all the time and a lot at a time. I was getting addicted to it. I thought it wouldn’t hurt me. But then it did. When smoking K2 you can have different side effects each time. The last time I smoked it, everything was fine at first, but then I started feeling sick. I was at a movie theater, trying to “enhance” the movie. But then I started to vomit uncontrollably. I was feeling so weak because I couldn’t stop vomiting. Then I passed out. My friend who I was with was trying to wake me up and couldn’t. He kept picking up my arms, moving my legs, but nothing would work. Then I woke up again. I couldn’t stop vomiting. My heart rate was up so high I thought it would explode. I couldn’t stop passing out then waking up, then vomiting, then passing out again. Then finally I got up enough strength to go to the bathroom. I leaned up against the wall and then started to slowly slide down it and sat down. Thank God a woman from the movie theater I was in followed me to see if I was ok. She let me use her cell phone to call my mom. I was so scared and ashamed to tell her so I just told her I was really sick and needed her help. Then I passed out again. While I was out, the woman went and told the movie theater people and a security guard came in. He saw me passed out and called me an ambulance. The paramedic came before my mom did and he was trying to keep me awake. I couldn’t walk. They had to help me to the stretcher. I remember sitting there up against the bathroom wall, while my mom got there and was trying to keep my eyes open. All I could do at that point was pray to God to help me, ask for forgiveness, and tell my mom I love her. I thought I was dying. But it wasn’t just a thought, I really was. Once I got into the ambulance I remember them asking me what I was on, I told them, then I was out. I woke up in the hospital bed with my mom and my grandmother sitting beside me. My mom told me that my heart rate was so high that my heart almost exploded. And she wasn’t kidding. I had almost died. The paramedics had givin me an iv and medication to try to stablize me. If that woman wouldn’t of followed me into the bathroom I would be dead right now. She saved my life. I hadn’t even smoked a lot either. I had about 3 hits from a small bowl that was packed with the K2. I had become addicted to it. It is very unpredictable. Now I have memory loss from the K2. K2 almost took my life from me. Its not healthy and it can kill you, no matter how much you smoke, there is a possible side effect of death. I posted this so that people can see what it can do to you. Not to start a debate, but to inform everyone out there that reads this, that the “high feeling” from K2 is not worth risking your life over it. It can become very addicting. I did some things that I’m not proud of and I wish I wouldn’t of done normally, just so I could smoke some K2. K2 shouldn’t be legal at all. It should be illegal all over the world.

  12. peteoldschoolpete

    I have been addicted to synthetics on and off for 4 years.
    It is the most addictive drug I have ever done.
    I was addicted to benzos, meth, and opiates,,,, spice wd’s are like coming off of all 3 of these drugs at the same time.
    I quit twice for 2 months each. 2 months is how long it took to not have a permanent buzz.
    Ive lost alot of weight. No appetite. Cough until I vomit every morning.
    I’m 53,,,,, I see ALOT of peolpe my age addicted to spice.
    It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are,,,, you are supseptible to addiction if you use this stuff.
    It is bad news,,,,, I am now trying my hardest to stop.
    If we get into the mind set as I’m trying to do,,,, that this is chemical warfare and this is poision,,, then we all can beat this……
    We thrive on stimulation,,,,,, this kind of stimulation is proven to be deadly…. we need to wise up, and stop trusting products that are being manufactured in China

  13. Nick

    You’re honestly one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever seen. I was addicted to t. I Fucking died twice when I smoked it. I have see it people die from brain hemorrhaging after smoking it. I can’t remember shit because I was an addict. Now let me say this, and anyone can hate on me for saying this, but you are an ignorant fuck. Kill yourself. I mean it too.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      People like you lie and over exaggerate and that is exactly why people think it is so dangerous it is not the safest thing on the planet but these stories are false. No one has ever died from a k2/spice overdose.

  14. Chris


    I SMOKE THIS SHIT FOR TWO YEARS without the ability to quit. I WENT FROM BEING A HAPPY RELAXED EASY GOING PERSON to someone who was EXTREMELY short tempered and VIOLENT. I now suffer from momentary short term memory loss, sometimes completely drawing a blank on what I just thought about. I hate the government telling you what yoh can and cannot do; but this is something that needs to be barred from the public for their own safety.

  15. A person of reason

    All drugs should be legal period. I am sorry you’re stupid if you think otherwise.

    1. War on drugs is a utter failure

    2. Drugs are bad. Prohibition is worse.

    3. If you care about kids you would be for legalizing all drugs.
    Drug dealers don’t check for ID. In regulated distribution system they do.
    Drug dealers push for more potent substances and usually deal harder drugs.

    4. for every person you have known to have died or had their lives ruined due to drugs.
    THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS have died due to drug prohibition. Ask mexico and other transient countries

    5. Drug prohibition supports racism.and segregates the poor as well.
    Felony? Good luck getting a decent job
    Oh shit you cant vote either.
    Oh shit you don’t get financial aid for school.
    Blacks are a small minority of drug users yet they get 2 years on average more time and get caught at exponentially higher rates.
    Corporations sponsor prison labor
    Prison industrial complex one of the fastest growing industries lobbies for harder laws
    Private prisons? do i need to say more than just *private prisons*

    6. Scared about People on drugs driving cars?
    They do that already but you never hear about it. You only hear about drunk drivers.
    and we have a law for that already its called reckless driving.

    Guess what texting and driving is 6 times more dangerous than drunk drivers.
    So please quit fear mongering about it.and believing the hysteria.
    You can do it bro turn off fox news, cnn, bbc and those other garbage “news” outlets.

    7. Take away the stigma and people who legitimately need help will seek it.

    8. Holy shit I could make this list over 9000 points long. Seriously it is pathetic that this is a “debate”

    9. Drug prohibition makes drugs more dangerous.(cutting agents)(quality risk)(dramatically increases amount of overdoses)

    10 Holy shit the economy boost from taxing all these substances.

    11 Dramatically lowering everything bad. (Amount of users of all demographics, crime, death, incarcerations,

    12 More people die significantly more from alcohol and cigarettes than all other substances

    They ban spice
    1. Establishments still sell it under the counter
    2. New and more unsafer chemicals are used to bypass laws
    So what did these laws accomplish?
    1. Send people to jail. Which we all know doesn’t do jack shit except waste our tax payer money and help out special interest groups, etc
    2. None of its intended goals. So absolutely nothing good.

    Here is where my personal opinion goes in

    I use spice a ton.

    1. Its not for everyone
    2. Most people who use it never use it again
    3. The only real danger is either due to drug prohibition and the causes.
    4. Depending on the brand it can be way too mentally potent.
    5. There are rare side effects that exhibit symptoms similar to taking other drugs such as various psychedelic drugs.(Which isn’t really a negative just those kinds of drugs aren’t for everyone either and you might not be prepared for those type of experiences depending on the environment you are in.

    * I have had the most profound experience of my life due to this substance
    * I have had some pretty shitty experiences as well.

    Its like any other substance….. Legal, illegal or medically prescribed or hell even food.
    A. Get your shit together
    B. If you have a addictive personality and can’t handle yourself drugs aren’t for you.
    C.Seriously learn some god damn restraint in your life. Whether its drugs, keeping a monogamous relationship or maintaining decent eating habits or exercising
    D Research things before you try them out
    F Always start off on small dosages.

    Seriously when our society learns to accept responsibility for their actions instead of putting the blame on something else the better off we will be
    Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances out there and our friendly cancer sticks are perfectly legal.

    I smoke cigarettes occasionally and I will never allow in my damn life that those death sticks to have any control over me.

    Debate Score.

    Me Other people

    1 point Negative 500

    p.s. obama is a damn hypocrite as he was a huge pot smoker and has used cocaine and has done nothing about the war on drugs except laugh it off.

    Our society as a whole has not even gotten cannabis legalize yet and that has a whole host of legitimate medical benefits. *Face palm*

    End of rant………

  16. spice god

    and by the way you are wrong lol a mother in india died from a k2 known as (zombie apoalypse) and a 13 yr old boy died in soulth carolina because was to weak to undergo a lung transplant caused by a aggressive lung infection due to (k2 summit).. but then it was said no other incidents with spice have been related to lung failure plus the kid was smoking out of a godam pez despenser if spice wasint gonna kill him you can bet your sorry ass that toxic plactice fumes will do the trick no offense to boy and family but come on if your smoking outta plastic pieces you might as well press a 45 to your dome its equally as lethal and i know pipe laws are strict where this incident occured but fuck use a can or rachet from a drill set . please dont smoke ouuta plastic pices its down right retarded you might as well use meth at that point. and just rember anything thatll melt from a flame do not SMOKE OUT OF!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡ plastic,vinnels,candles and ect. fuckin idots!!!!!!!

  17. spice god

    and yes tweeking is addicting dont let noneone fool you if you have to scrap youur graph or bowl for spice residue when your broke and or fiening well then my jobs done here enough said its addictive. and never dare and i meen dare touch bathsalts it might as well be a sucide mission or cry for help .dosent everyone wanna cross off eating hobos faces off there bucket list lol jk touch it and reap the consequnces


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