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Synthetic Cannabis Being Used To Treat Headaches

I was arguing with a guy I often argue a lot with on my Facebook page and this guy is completely against the use of herbal incenses and synthetic cannabinoids.  This guy even has a article on his page about how synthetic cannabinoids are just like marijuana and he still supports marijuana and not synthetic cannabinoids.  The whole reason why this has been made by scientists is to treat people with medical conditions.  All you hear about when you put something into google is how bad herbal incenses are for you.  Just because they get people high does not mean it is as bad as people say it is.  If you go looking through some online forums that are out there you will hear stories of people that have had really bad migraines and started smoking herbal k2 incenses and they do not suffer from migraines as bad anymore.  I believe those people because there is a scientist that wrote a book explaining how the law is getting in the way of making new medical discoveries because they keep banning synthetic cannabinoid chemicals.  This scientist is trying to make a synthetic cannabinoid that is made to get rid of bad headaches.  Here is the article  This is great and just shows all those people that are against synthetic marijuana compounds that scientists are trying to make these chemicals have a much greater health benefits then marijuana.  The only reason why the chemicals we have do not give us as much as a health benefit is because no one knows what is the proper dosage to take.  This is also the only reason why it is considered dangerous and the only reason why it is dangerous because no one knows the correct amount to take and that is what is being studied by these scientists.  So for all the media and all the people that believe the media and all the people that think that herbal incenses are more dangerous then cocaine, meth, crack etc.  You are completely wrong about it and you should not listen to what you hear on the news and you should not listen to a lot of what other people say because a lot of people that are familiar with k2 incense think that it is dangerous because they hear about it on the news and they try it and they say oh the news is right.  The people that have not tried it thinks it is dangerous all because of all the bullshit all over the news.  I will love to hear anyone’s feedback please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.  Don’t forget to like my Facebook fan page over here on the left.