Synthetic Cannabis Being Used To Treat Headaches

I was arguing with a guy I often argue a lot with on my Facebook page and this guy is completely against the use of herbal incenses and synthetic cannabinoids.  This guy even has a article on his page about how synthetic cannabinoids are just like marijuana and he still supports marijuana and not synthetic cannabinoids.  The whole reason why this has been made by scientists is to treat people with medical conditions.  All you hear about when you put something into google is how bad herbal incenses are for you.  Just because they get people high does not mean it is as bad as people say it is.  If you go looking through some online forums that are out there you will hear stories of people that have had really bad migraines and started smoking herbal k2 incenses and they do not suffer from migraines as bad anymore.  I believe those people because there is a scientist that wrote a book explaining how the law is getting in the way of making new medical discoveries because they keep banning synthetic cannabinoid chemicals.  This scientist is trying to make a synthetic cannabinoid that is made to get rid of bad headaches.  Here is the article  This is great and just shows all those people that are against synthetic marijuana compounds that scientists are trying to make these chemicals have a much greater health benefits then marijuana.  The only reason why the chemicals we have do not give us as much as a health benefit is because no one knows what is the proper dosage to take.  This is also the only reason why it is considered dangerous and the only reason why it is dangerous because no one knows the correct amount to take and that is what is being studied by these scientists.  So for all the media and all the people that believe the media and all the people that think that herbal incenses are more dangerous then cocaine, meth, crack etc.  You are completely wrong about it and you should not listen to what you hear on the news and you should not listen to a lot of what other people say because a lot of people that are familiar with k2 incense think that it is dangerous because they hear about it on the news and they try it and they say oh the news is right.  The people that have not tried it thinks it is dangerous all because of all the bullshit all over the news.  I will love to hear anyone’s feedback please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.  Don’t forget to like my Facebook fan page over here on the left.

8 thoughts on “Synthetic Cannabis Being Used To Treat Headaches

  1. nick k.

    i have been using k2 for several months now and it has helped me in some ways and screwed me in other. for 3 months now i have been takin random ua’s and since i have substituted alcohol and marijuana with k2 i have had no problems. it does give me an outrageous appetite which i feel sometimes i may be overeating. also the effect varies depending on wich k2 you use. i have smoke generally the same types of k2 for months and always had a good high, however i recently tried a particular one that gave me extremely bad paranoia and anxiety which i have never had before in my life, it made me very emotional and dwell on things very hard, i felt sick to my stomache and couldnt wait for the high to go away, also a friend of mine suffered the same side effects off the same brand of k2 at a different point in time. i have also learned the hard way that k2 is not a legal alternative for people on probation. the other nigHt the police came to my house for reported drug activity. no one at my house uses drugs but i do smoke k2 i confessed and gave the cop what was left of the k2 i had (less than a joint) and i got a ticket for possession of a controlled substance allthough the headshop up the street sells it. that was a violation of my probation and now im looking at least a year in county jail because i chose to use k2. so in my opinion until the use of k2 is legal it should not be sold in stores.

  2. SANDY


    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      Thanks for your input I do understand that certain people should not be smoking any kind of spice my friend being one of them he was able to quit but he seemed to be addicted to it, however he was addicted to being high once he started smoking marijuana again he did not touch spice. I have smoked many pounds of this stuff all different types and I am perfectly fine I can function, I can go weeks without it. The addiction that comes with spice is all mental I believe it has to do with it being legal if spice was always illegal people will not think that they are addicted to it. You can look at it in many different ways. If I did not have such bad grammar I can write a book the size of a bible all about spice and how it is addictive and how it is not addictive. Your son’s addiction has a lot to do with him thinking that he is addicted. It also depends how old he is I believe it is more damaging to people under the age of 25 because the brain is not completely developed until someone turns 25.

  3. barrington foster-lueallen

    I tried that crap last night and I almost died, seizures, convulsions, vomiting, most fucked up mind trip ever. I’m totally against it.

    1. controversialdrugs Post author

      Well how much did you take? A lot of makers make incense really strong to try to be the best on the market. You need to take a small hit whenever you are going to try a new incense so you know what it is like if you were to smoke a whole bowl of it most of the time you will be tripping balls.

  4. Sara Collins

    I have smoked K2 before. It is not a good thing to use. I used to be able to smoke it all the time and a lot at a time. I was getting addicted to it. I thought it wouldn’t hurt me. But then it did. When smoking K2 you can have different side effects each time. The last time I smoked it, everything was fine at first, but then I started feeling sick. I was at a movie theater, trying to “enhance” the movie. But then I started to vomit uncontrollably. I was feeling so weak because I couldn’t stop vomiting. Then I passed out. My friend who I was with was trying to wake me up and couldn’t. He kept picking up my arms, moving my legs, but nothing would work. Then I woke up again. I couldn’t stop vomiting. My heart rate was up so high I thought it would explode. I couldn’t stop passing out then waking up, then vomiting, then passing out again. Then finally I got up enough strength to go to the bathroom. I leaned up against the wall and then started to slowly slide down it and sat down. Thank God a woman from the movie theater I was in followed me to see if I was ok. She let me use her cell phone to call my mom. I was so scared and ashamed to tell her so I just told her I was really sick and needed her help. Then I passed out again. While I was out, the woman went and told the movie theater people and a security guard came in. He saw me passed out and called me an ambulance. The paramedic came before my mom did and he was trying to keep me awake. I couldn’t walk. They had to help me to the stretcher. I remember sitting there up against the bathroom wall, while my mom got there and was trying to keep my eyes open. All I could do at that point was pray to God to help me, ask for forgiveness, and tell my mom I love her. I thought I was dying. But it wasn’t just a thought, I really was. Once I got into the ambulance I remember them asking me what I was on, I told them, then I was out. I woke up in the hospital bed with my mom and my grandmother sitting beside me. My mom told me that my heart rate was so high that my heart almost exploded. And she wasn’t kidding. I had almost died. The paramedics had givin me an iv and medication to try to stablize me. If that woman wouldn’t of followed me into the bathroom I would be dead right now. She saved my life. I hadn’t even smoked a lot either. I had about 3 hits from a small bowl that was packed with the K2. I had become addicted to it. It is very unpredictable. Now I have memory loss from the K2. K2 almost took my life from me. Its not healthy and it can kill you, no matter how much you smoke, there is a possible side effect of death. I posted this so that people can see what it can do to you. Not to start a debate, but to inform everyone out there that reads this, that the “high feeling” from K2 is not worth risking your life over it. It can become very addicting. I did some things that I’m not proud of and I wish I wouldn’t of done normally, just so I could smoke some K2. K2 shouldn’t be legal at all. It should be illegal all over the world.


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