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Synthetic Cannabis Being Used To Treat Headaches

I was arguing with a guy I often argue a lot with on my Facebook page and this guy is completely against the use of herbal incenses and synthetic cannabinoids.  This guy even has a article on his page about how synthetic cannabinoids are just like marijuana and he still supports marijuana and not synthetic cannabinoids.  The whole reason why this has been made by scientists is to treat people with medical conditions.  All you hear about when you put something into google is how bad herbal incenses are for you.  Just because they get people high does not mean it is as bad as people say it is.  If you go looking through some online forums that are out there you will hear stories of people that have had really bad migraines and started smoking herbal k2 incenses and they do not suffer from migraines as bad anymore.  I believe those people because there is a scientist that wrote a book explaining how the law is getting in the way of making new medical discoveries because they keep banning synthetic cannabinoid chemicals.  This scientist is trying to make a synthetic cannabinoid that is made to get rid of bad headaches.  Here is the article  This is great and just shows all those people that are against synthetic marijuana compounds that scientists are trying to make these chemicals have a much greater health benefits then marijuana.  The only reason why the chemicals we have do not give us as much as a health benefit is because no one knows what is the proper dosage to take.  This is also the only reason why it is considered dangerous and the only reason why it is dangerous because no one knows the correct amount to take and that is what is being studied by these scientists.  So for all the media and all the people that believe the media and all the people that think that herbal incenses are more dangerous then cocaine, meth, crack etc.  You are completely wrong about it and you should not listen to what you hear on the news and you should not listen to a lot of what other people say because a lot of people that are familiar with k2 incense think that it is dangerous because they hear about it on the news and they try it and they say oh the news is right.  The people that have not tried it thinks it is dangerous all because of all the bullshit all over the news.  I will love to hear anyone’s feedback please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.  Don’t forget to like my Facebook fan page over here on the left.

Top 5 Reasons Why K2/Spice Should Be Legal

5 – All drugs should be legal
No matter what drugs should not even be legal in the first place because of the fact that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies no one should be able to tell someone else what to do.

4- The more they make these chemicals illegal the more dangerous these chemicals are going to get because no state can make these chemicals 100% illegal no matter how bad they want to. Once these chemicals become illegal people are going to start making chemicals in their garage to try to by pass the laws. These chemicals are going to be more dangerous. Many states have made this illegal and you can still by this stuff in all of those states however, the chemicals are not as safe the original chemical JWH-018 was a pretty safe chemical after it was made illegal they made the chemical am-2201 which is a lot more potent.

3- K2 brings a great medical benefit if it is not misused by people. Many people and makers of “k2” seem to put a lot of chemicals in it to hope that it will increase their sales so people get really intoxicated from doing this stuff but in the right dose brings great medical benefits.

2- There has not been one directly related death from “k2” all the deaths that have been all around the news all has to do with stuff such as car accidents so this should be illegal because a teenager kills himself from driving intoxicated on this? That is not right at all people would not want alcohol illegal if a kid dies driving drunk.

1- It is not addictive- “k2” is not an addictive drug for the most. If you ever get intoxicated from “k2” you will notice that the intoxication goes away really fast with little or no short term side effects. The only way people get addicted to “k2” is when they are addicted to the fact of just being intoxicated on something.

Medical Benefits Of Synthetic Canabinoids

A lot of people do not seem to know what kind of medical benefits “k2” and synthetic cannabinoids offer.  Synthetic cannabinoids are being researched by scientists to see how the CB1 and CB2 receptors can cure cancer and other diseases.  So many people out there seem to think that it is dangerous because of the reports of people going to the emergency room.  The thing is that the reason why this is dangerous is because people including the companies do not know the right kind doses to give to people.  Most of the people that make herbal incenses put tons of chemicals inside of the product because they want to make money by having the strongest herbal incense blend that there is.  They do not care about the many health benefits that “k2” has to offer.  Scientists that research synthetic cannabinoids hope to make a synthetic drug that can cure many kinds of cancers.  In the future I think that synthetic cannabinoids are going to be better than the benefits of marijuana it probably is not going to be as safe as marijuana.  Many synthetic drugs has been considered pretty safe however, synthetic drugs have got more dangerous due to the government illegalizing a lot of these chemicals.  If people only knew the right amount of synthetic cannabinoids to use it would offer great medical benefits just like marijuana.  I guess we will see the future of synthetic drugs in the coming years.  I believe that synthetic drugs are going to be one of the best medical discoveries of all time.  This product is the best product that gives you great medical benefits it is not to strong but at the same time it is strong and the closest thing you can get to marijuana and the best way to get rid of stress and pain.

Is “k2” Addictive

Many people seem to think that the chemical/drug known as k2 is really addictive this is not true at all.  The only cases where people become addicted to something like this is if they just become addicted on becoming intoxicated.   Unlike drugs such as heroin where people suffer from huge withdrawal affects such as having flu like symptoms.  This is because of the addicting chemicals that are in heroin.  Most people that consume “k2” on a regular basis will tell you that when they come down from it nothing happens it is almost like you are intoxicated one moment and then the next moment nothing no side effects at all marijuana has more side effects than “k2”  However, the marijuana side effects are not bad at all when you are no longer medicated on marijuana you still feel really lazy and dazed this is why marijuana is more addicting than “k2” however, anyone can become addicted to anything if the like getting intoxicated the people that are addicted to just getting “high” will do anything and get intoxicated anyway possible when they do not have “k2”. Heroin addicts on the other hand need heroin in order to function unlike “k2” there has been some reports of people suffering really bad withdrawal effects from not using for a few weeks.  Based on the information we have now “k2” is pretty safe and not that addictive at all.

Drug Prevention

Does it really help to put ads on T.V that say do not do drugs?  I mean after all the people that do drugs are going to do drug whether or not they are told not to.  Why can’t this society tell teach people that are addicted to drugs what will be a safe amount to take without overdosing.  Sounds crazy but people that are addicted to these heavy kind of drugs are not going to stop because people tell them they could die.  I am sure what drug addicts really want to hear is what a responsible amount to take is.  Even going to rehab does not cut it because rehab clinics success rates are only around 15% for the best rehab clinics.  If we want to save lives and not have people die from drugs people in general should be more educated on what is the right amount of drugs to take if you were to take this drug.  Instead people get do not do drugs or you will die thrown in their face.  Drug addicts will be drug addicts that is why it will be best to teach them how to use drugs in a responsible way.

13 Year Old Kid Died From Smoking Plastic.

I always love reading articles about how dangerous “K2” can be. I can tell by reading must of these articles that it is way to over exaggerated. For example this mom of a 13 year old boy who is in eighth grade blames “legal marijuana” for her sons death. Because after smoking it her son needed a double lung transplant and he ended up dieing in the hospital. Now the story went on like this for a while all anyone ever said was that this 13 year old boy needs a double lung transplant from smoking k2. However, It was not that fact that this kid was smoking k2. This kid was smoking it out of a PEZ candy dispenser for a long period of time. People often try to make “herbal incense” sound a lot more dangerous than what they really were. Well lets think here. What would be the best way to of saved this kid from dieing? If his mother would of educated him about “k2” maybe he would of never of tried smoking it but most likely a 13 year old kid would say I do not care it gets me intoxicated so he probably would have not of listened to what his mom says. What if his mom tells him it is extremely dangerous to inhale plastic fumes or his mom could of just told him if he is going to smoke anything make sure it is out of a pipe or rolled in a joint. This 13 year old kid should of known that it was not healthy for him. Maybe if he was not so stupid and paid attention in school it would of never of happened. “k2” is certainly not the drug to blame for this.

K2 Laws My Experience

Many people do not know the laws about K2/spice.  Believe it or not, not even the law makers really know the laws that they write.  I will like to share a experience that I had about a year ago that got me arrested for having herbal incense even though I was able to bail out for only $150 6 hours later.  I was still pissed about what just happened the police officers decided to arrest me even though it was my friend driving that had the k2/spice on him all because I was on probation so about 8 months later I spent 2.5 months in the county jail for violating probation for being charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a intoxicating compound and this was a false arrest because k2/spice is not a intoxicating compound.  The definition of a intoxicating compound is inhaling household chemicals such as glade acetone etc.  The cop decided to charge me with it because it sounded like he could I mean after all it sounds right it sounds like possession of a intoxicating compound means anything that you take that intoxicates you is illegal.  This is not the case and on top of that they can’t charge me with possession of drug paraphernalia because in order to be charged with that there either has to be either cannabis in the pipe or there has to be a controlled substance k2/spice is neither of those.  After all this I wanted to file a law suit against the county for false arrest.  However, I was unable to do so because of the fact the officer that arrested me ended up dead in a car accident.  So all the charges were dropped and I did not have to go to trial or nothing because I have a right to face my accuser so there is no way I can face my accuser since he is now dead.  Even after they decided to drop the charges they still made me sign the piece of paper saying that I have my probation extended for 6 more months for absolutely no reason at all.  I am unable to file a lawsuit because the police officer is dead so what is the point of the story you may ask?  K2 is 100% legal in all states just depends what kind of k2/spice it is.  The law would do what it takes to try to charge you with something so here are some pointers on how to avoid being arrested first off never say you consume it if a officer asks you what it is you can simply say I do not know or you can say that it is a special incense that you burn to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke.  Now saying this will cover you up pretty well if you do not smoke marijuana because if you say this and you have marijuana in your system congratulations you would be getting charged with a DUI.  So you can say it is whatever as long as you do not mention anything about consuming it.  If you are on probation you better make sure you do not tell the law that you consume incense because many states have laws making it a felony to alter a drug test and if the law proves that you use k2/spice to alter a drug test you will have a felony so as long as you do not say anything about consuming this product the officer can do nothing about it.  So be careful the law will try to find ways to get you for this.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment here or on facebook.