Why K2 And All Other Drugs Should Be Legal.

Many people seem not to understand why drugs should be legal I believe that is should not even be a debate.  Why should anyone have the right to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.  If someone wants to do harm to their own body rather its from dangerous drugs or suicide.  What should be illegal is if someone does any kind of harm to anyone else.  There is so many people locked up in the U.S for drugs this all costs lots and lots of money.  What the federal government wants to do is to keep k2 legal and see how people react with a drug like this being legal they probably know that k2 is not that dangerous so they want to see what will happen with “K2” and see how people will act that use this kind of “drug”.  On top of that they have a legal version of pretty much every drug with all these legal drugs floating around the U.S and the U.K you will think that these people go insane and that these countries are going to have a increase in violence but I doubt there was any kind of increase in violence from these legal drugs yes I have heard stories of people  doing stupid stuff while they were under the influence of some synthetic Legal cocaine and even killing themselves.  People that do stuff like that should not have any business doing any kind of drugs.  Anyone could take a look around and see that everything is fine and people are not going crazy cause drugs are legal and if anything I bet it is more peaceful.  This is a K2 incense blend that is top notch quality and legal in all 50 states.

Tobacco shop raid in Chicago

What is hard for me to understand is why are these owners of a headshop in the chicago land are charged with class x felonies the same type of felony that a murder gets for having incense and bathsalts for those that are not familiar with bath salts its  legal cocaine.  Whats funny is last year you could get bath salts and k2 blends legally but this year you cant so a narcotics team raided the place even though they did not even have these products on display.  In my opinion it is really messed up for having this stuff legal one day and than the next charging a headshop owner with the same penalty as murder it was legal one moment and law enforcement is ok with it the next your being arrested for murder this just blows my mind states should not have the right at all to make drugs or anything else a felony if it is completely legal in another state.  Law enforcement will bother you and probably arrest you no matter if the type of k2 you have is legal or not.   They want you to go through all the trouble of going through the court so even if you do have legal k2 try to hide it from law enforcement because even though you will win in the court of law cops do not care.  I smell lawsuit against the state all over the place.  Here you will find K2 that is legal in all 50 states and it contains no synthetic chemicals it is all organic and these chemicals are difficult   to produce or even to buy.  Notice how the packaging for K2 has changed over the years it has also got a lot better. Thisis where you will find the best products for the best price.

What Is K2

Many people seem to ask what is k2.  People often think that K2 is an abused drug when really this so called drug is the new medicine for pain it is the modern day Tylenol when this Tylenol is not getting abused.  K2 is dried leaves mixed with a chemical that is a synthetic cannabinoid now this improves your mood and is really good for treating conditions such as insomia, depression, pain.  All you got to do to use K2 is put it in a insense  burner and light it and open a window so you can air it out inhale the smoke that is burning every once in a while so that you can feel the experiece of being medicated.there is a lot of misconceptions about K2 and what is used for.  JWH018 is a chemical compound found in K2 this chemical is a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics the same effects as THC many lawmakers tried to make this chemical illegal however, it is hard for them to keep illegal because of the fact that all chemists do is switch around a few chemicals from the JWH018 compound and make a completely new compound.  JWH018 was invented by man named John W Hoffman and the chemical is named after him K2 is often said to be dangerous but when used correctly it is not dangerous at all and may you benefit medical benefits from.  K2 is often purchased in tobacco stores gas stations and many convenience stores.I have experienced this drug myself or the so-called drug this drug really does nothing bad to you.  after about 20 min. of consuming this K2 the “high” feelings are mostly gone after the 20 min. so next time someone asks you what is K2 you can debunk some of the rumors they may say to you.  K2is becoming illegal everywhere so get your k2 that is legal in all 50 states.

New K2 Laws 2012

There is a new law that is going to take place in Illinois on Jan 1, 2012 the purpose of this law is to make possession of k2 or any chemical like k2 a felony punishable by 1-3 years in prison.  Now normally all you would have to do is switch a molecule in the chemical when it becomes illegal and than the new legal chemical is created.  This time the bill says it is a felony to posses this chemical or something that has a similar cell structure.  What does not make sense at all is that they just say similar what is the definition of similar?  The government is willing to ruin peoples lives by passing a law that contradicts itself in more than just one way.  How can they not be specific about this law and charge someone with a felony?  Maybe the government should try this “drug” because anyone who has tried it knows its not addictive no matter what people seem to say, this “drug” is not addictive at all whoever says that this drug is addictive is wrong I can see this drug being addictive if someone smokes it all day everyday for like 1 year straight than that might be addiction however, when you are not intoxicated on k2 anymore what happens?  Absolutely nothing you have no side effects its not like cigarettes where you cough your lungs out if you dont have a smoke now that is an example of addiction.  K2 is certainly not like Oxycontin which is a legal drug similar to heroin where if your not intoxicated on it you itch all over the place now that is another example of addiction.  On top of all of this how can it be that you can live in one state where k2 is completely legal and you go to visit another state like Illinois and you get caught with k2 in that state you are completely fucked you will have a felony on your record and you will be going to an Illinois prison for at least 1 year because you did not know that it was illegal.  This is like each state having its own currency all over again.  Even though this law is in effect im sure there is more than a few loop holes in this law to where a new chemical could be made that is legal.  I do hope this is the case just like last year it was suppose to be illegal but was not because a new chemical was made.  Get your k2 here.  The best deal they have is 9 grams for $79.95This is the best deal because 9 grams will last you a long time.

Bad Spice Trip

There is a gas station by my house that sells herbal incense and it is the only place where you can get this stuff from.  However,  they did have a product called kush and its a common name but this packaging is fantastic.  I took one big hit and held it in for 15 seconds I was  tripping balls I felt like my conciseness was out side my head.  I was tripping very badly this stuff no one should do because it is so powerful.  I felt shocks going through my chest and legs along with the shoulders and it seemed like I zoomed in to an object using my eye sight for example I looked at an object far away and it was like i could very quickly zoom in to see it closer.  I never thought I would be tripping my mind out but it does happen.  I much rather have the kind ofk2 that will make you trip but you need to smoke more of it just not one hit.  Cause in my opinion I think it could be dangerous having stuff this powerful. However getting the strong classic K2 blend is the smartest thing to do if you want that pleasurable high.  This is where you can get your own k2.

K2 Propaganda k2 summit

Sometimes after reading blogs on the internet you cant help but laugh at how people think they know stuff about k2/spice when they dont know anything at all.  This women who had lost a son in a car accident is trying to make all this stuff illegal.  however, does she not realize how stupid her blog sounds I was just skimming through her blog and she has so many lies about k2 in there first off she says that it came from china when in fact it did not come from china well in sure some of it gets made in china but pretty much all of it is made in the U.S you can make it at home.  So why blame China just because she is trying to sound smart and trying to sound like she knows what she is talking about when she does not know anything.  The second thing this women said that really got to me was that the chemical that is in k2 is cut with acetone.  Once again this women has not did her research or does not have knowledge about this and she just heard that the chemical is mixed with acetone which is what she heard so she takes that and she says it is cut with acetone making it sound dangerous on top of that.  The acetone that is sprayed on top of these leaves dry out and it just leaves the chemicals in the leaves the acetone evaporates If you test any type of k2 for acetone there will be no acetone in any of it.  You do not even have to use acetone you can use water to do this but she just wants to mention acetone cause it sounds dangerous.  Now this is a women who is trying to make all these chemicals illegal because her son died after crashing his car while he was intoxicated on this stuff.  Now he did not overdose from it if he did that would be a different story and there is going to be people who will overdose from this I do not believe any have yet but people overdose from coffee and tylenol of course there is going to be someone that will die from this stuff now please visit this womens blog at http://tothemaximus.wordpress.com/ and while you read her blog propaganda get yourself some k2 to smoke while you read what this women has to say about why you are going to die smoking what you are smoking.

Where is k2 legal

On January 1, 2011 the illegal cannibinoid known as JWH 018 became illegal in many states what law makers did not know is all you got to do is switch around a few molecules and you have a completely new synthetic compound now there is a lot of misunderstanding on why it was made illegal in a state and they are still allowed to sell it this is because of the fact that the chemicals got switched around and there you have a completely different chemical that they will have to illegalize. Basically they made a synthetic version of JWH-018 so with a synthetic version of a synthetic version of cannabis made you would think there is no way that they can illegalize all synthetic cannabinoids? However lawmakers have made all synthetic cannabinoids illegal this is extreamly unconstitutional so k2 that contains any synthetic cannibinoid is illegal in these states Arkansas (AK), Colorado (CO), Idaho (ID), Kansas (KS), Louisiana (LA), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), Mississippi (MS), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NB), North Carolina (NC), North Dakota (ND), Oklahoma (OK), Oregon (OR), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA) and West Virginia (WV). It is not fair that they do this the chances are that you live in one of these states and if you don’t live in one of these states your state will be on the list soon however there is a solution to the problem and that is using a organic version of synthetic cannibinoids to where its not even a synthetic cannibinoid any more its a completely different chemical its not even a chemicallegally high, the new legal version of k2 is what you would want if this stuff is illegal in your state than have fun smoking legally high.