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Top 5 Reasons Why K2/Spice Should Be Legal

5 – All drugs should be legal
No matter what drugs should not even be legal in the first place because of the fact that people should be able to do what they want with their bodies no one should be able to tell someone else what to do.

4- The more they make these chemicals illegal the more dangerous these chemicals are going to get because no state can make these chemicals 100% illegal no matter how bad they want to. Once these chemicals become illegal people are going to start making chemicals in their garage to try to by pass the laws. These chemicals are going to be more dangerous. Many states have made this illegal and you can still by this stuff in all of those states however, the chemicals are not as safe the original chemical JWH-018 was a pretty safe chemical after it was made illegal they made the chemical am-2201 which is a lot more potent.

3- K2 brings a great medical benefit if it is not misused by people. Many people and makers of “k2” seem to put a lot of chemicals in it to hope that it will increase their sales so people get really intoxicated from doing this stuff but in the right dose brings great medical benefits.

2- There has not been one directly related death from “k2” all the deaths that have been all around the news all has to do with stuff such as car accidents so this should be illegal because a teenager kills himself from driving intoxicated on this? That is not right at all people would not want alcohol illegal if a kid dies driving drunk.

1- It is not addictive- “k2” is not an addictive drug for the most. If you ever get intoxicated from “k2” you will notice that the intoxication goes away really fast with little or no short term side effects. The only way people get addicted to “k2” is when they are addicted to the fact of just being intoxicated on something.